How to watch all of the Avengers movies in 2019?

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So you spent the better part of the decade somehow missing out on some/all of the Marvel Avengers movies that came out. You were saving money/living your life or in my case having kids and not having the time to go to the movies. The good thing is that we live in a digital world where any movie of our choice can be accessed and we can be off watching it in minutes. The bad news? We may have to pay for some of them.

As of fall 2019 I expect most people have at least one online streaming service that they subscribe to. If not, feel free to sign up for a free trial and watch the movies that are on offer on each service listed below for free within the trial period (Works for Netflix and Hulu, Amazon you can’t test drive).

These are the movies available today broken down by the streaming service:

  1. Netflix – Thor: Ragnarok, Ant-Man and the Wasp, Black Panther and Avengers:Infinity War
  2. Hulu – Iron Man 2
  3. Amazon Prime – Iron Man 2

I can see it in your eyes, you’re mad at me, I only showed you how to watch five movies out of 22 (including Avengers:Endgame) movies but bear with me. Starting in November when Disney kicks off their own online streaming service (because every network needs one now, they can’t simply just buy off each other’s service like they did in my day) they will host starting on their first day of launch, November 12th of this year (in the USA) another four movies in the Avengers universe and that brings up the total to 9 movies!

4. Disney Plus – Captain Marvel, Iron Man, Iron Man 3, Thor: The Dark World

But wait there’s more! Within a year of launch Disney Plus has given word that they will add the very least, the movies below to the catalog for you to stream. Since some of the movies they will release are redundant as they are available on other streaming services; the total number of unique Avengers that can be streamed will come up to 12.

4. Disney Plus – Captain Marvel, Iron Man, Iron Man 3, Thor: The Dark World Ant-man and the Wasp, Avengers: Endgame (Available starting December of this year), Avengers: Infinity War, Black Panther, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy, Iron Man 2. Thor: Ragnarok

Now keep in mind once Disney Plus goes live, Disney may kill the ability to stream their movies on other platforms like Netflix and Amazon, so don’t wait for all the movies to come out on various services before you watch em all in order! I know it sucks, you wish you made time to watch the movies when they came out! A good lesson for us all who don’t stop to smell the roses.

My last bright ideas are one, you can, if you’re still one of those cool 90s people that still has cable TV (don’t feel bad I only cancelled mine last week after 20 years of forking over tons of money) to see if any of the movies are playing on the channels, if you find any that aren’t on an online streaming service, record them! Hell if you find any that are on the streaming services but you find them on TV, record them anyway! This way you have them all in one place. The last and least popular idea is you can get the collected movies on DVDs, some of the DVDs have three Avengers movies on them but they retail for about $25-$27 dollars a pop (two dollars cheaper for the non blu-ray version, the pathetic version we all salivated over starting in 1998). That’s $8.50 a movie! My favorite tactic to fill in the gaps? Rent the damn thing on YouTube or Amazon, that only brings the price of one movie to $2.99 and you don’t have to worry about the DVD sitting on your shelf for the rest of the next decade at which point you will decide it is vintage and try to sell it for some crazy amounts of money on eBay that no one will EVER, EVER pay.

Some of us decided to be cool and do things at our own pace, now we have to earn the joy some people got in real time by making time to go to the movies. Enjoy and happy hunting for old Avengers movies that can today cost as much as they did to watch back then!

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