Flu vaccine

Quick and fast, the vaccine was administered in less than 60 seconds!

While you wait for your COVID-19 shot, get your flu shot! Flu is a killer too. I got mine at CVS and it was free when I produced my insurance card. People ask me when a COVID vaccine’s going to be ready, I always reply with do you take the flu shot every year? Because if the answer is no to that then you don’t have to worry about COVID-19.

It’s amazing how much of the general population have a great aversion to vaccines. Last week’s 60 Minutes segment on COVID-19 interviewed General Gus Perna where he expressed one of his many concerns that people will not take the vaccine they are working so hard to stockpile and distribute in a controlled, scientific and strategic manner.

His final words on the segment resonates in my head when I look around at the people who don’t believe in flu vaccines or vaccines in general as to how we are supposed to overcome a pandemic when we can’t get compliance against a known killer that’s been around a very long time.

“Shame on us”

“I was already sick I don’t need it”

“Shame on us”

“Hey I don’t believe in vaccines”

“Shame on us”

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