Things I love about Idiom Brewing!

Breweries have their own unique style, whether it comes to the bar chairs they chose or the color of the walls. We are often so wrapped up in enjoying the reason we are there in the first place (which is to drink beer) we forget the role of the environment in which we consume the beer on our ability to enjoy it that much more when we are on premises compared to when we partake in the same beer when we are at home. Sure we enjoy it just the same but at our subconscious if we enjoy the atmosphere especially if it is an environment where it is so different from the one we are used to (our homes). When I sit at the bar I often find the one point where I stare when I drink alone, a place that soothes me. A place I can meditate on without letting life’s issues interrupt me when I am trying to interrupt it. And in that beauty of trying to no to make sense of all the things that bother you, you start noticing the sense of order in things that you otherwise would not have. You all of a sudden start noticing the order in things that were not intended in the way most people think they were. The beauty of all of this is that, this observation exercise to get away from it all for the duration of one or two glasses of good beer is between you and what you see, no one will judge you as you don’t have to share these moments with anyone, it is between you and you. I see beauty in the following spaces in between the numbers of beers that I consume. The light alone in these spaces brings to life the positive energy that flows from the brewer’s hands to the ingredients to when I taste it. The exemplary beer flavors that is to be expected at Idiom Brewing is often enlightened by the bonus of the ambience and atmosphere that sets me up feeling better than I do at most places. I underestimated the impact of sights and sounds on the psyche of a beer drinker or is it the solitude? That’s between me and the brewery dammit!

All photographs were taken with the Leica M240 and 50mm F2.0 Summicron Version III

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