Links to Frederick Event Pages

This page contains links to events in Frederick county and the city itself, the same event may be covered by more than one of these links. This list is not exhaustive if you know of other good resources for what’s going on in our city and county please email them to me here. I have noticed some very nice events that take place in our city or county are not featured anywhere except say on social media or by word of mouth. I will list these events as well as links to them on the main page or the monthly event page.

General Events

The Tourism Council of Frederick County– The website is a great resource to check out what’s happening in Frederick city as well as Frederick county, who better than the tourism council to provide info on events.

The Frederick News Post– Frederick’s newspaper, another great resource for local events.

The downtown frederick partnership–  A great resource for events in Frederick city’s own downtown district!

Celebrate Frederick– A nonprofit dedicated to organizing and running over 29 days of events spanning over eight months, right here in Frederick!

Visit Maryland- Frederick, MD– Maryland’s tourism website focusing on Frederick, MD based events.

Event Brite- Festivals in Frederick, MD– The site features ticket based events (which you can purchase) in Frederick, MD and other surrounding nearby areas.

The Great Frederick Fairgrounds– Featuring events that take place in our very own fairgrounds!

The Frederick Chamber– A nonprofit that focuses on advancing business here in Frederick. The page contains information on business based events that you can participate in to connect with the business community here in Frederick.


The Weinberg Center– A local center of the arts that showcase classical movies, live performing artists, such as bands, musicals even comedians, as well hosts some very prominent speakers. Their entire event list can be found on their website. Plan ahead and book tickets early.

Flatfood Sam & the Educated Fools – A local blues band that rocks all over the state of Maryland. They were the subject of my Episode 2 podcast which you can check out here. Hire them for all your blues band entertainment, whether it’s a summer party or a wedding party, or simply want to add some pizazz to your bar!


Golf Frederick MD– The Frederick Golf Guy runs a Stay & Play type business selling golf packages in the local area for locals as well as out of towners. As he says “Be it a getaway with the guys, a bachelor send-off, or business retreat we got you covered.” He also runs golf leagues that you can participate in. Check him out at his own website. He also runs a podcast!

Technology troubleshooting and Repair

Colwell Multimedia Solutions– Having computer trouble? Internet too slow? Need to figure out how to set up your wifi or hifi? Look no further than Rory Colwell who will fix all your technology woes for a nice affordable and fair price. Rory was the subject of my Podcast on Episode 3, check it out here!