Episode 6 – Joanne Horn – Executive Director of Frederick CREST (CENTER FOR RESEARCH & EDUCATION IN SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY)

I had the honor of interviewing Joanne Horn who is the Executive Director of Frederick CREST, an organization dedicated to fostering relationships between graduate students and the biotech industry for internships, externships as well as research collaborations between the two. The organization also helps match qualified candidates from academic school programs to positions in the biotech industry which could be any STEM based employer including the government as well as the major players in the private biotech industry such as big pharmaceuticals. The center also helps academic students get industry based opportunities to conduct qualified research work in support of their thesis with possible future employment opportunities upon graduation.

You can get in touch with Joanne Horn@ jhorn@frederickrest.org

You can visit Frederick CREST online here.

Contact me at thefrederickpodcast@gmail.com

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