Sony AX700 -Sony AX700 – Jumping Deer Footage @ 120 fps

Watch my latest unboxing of the Sony AX700 Video Camcorder

Interview with the Mayor of Frederick on COVID-19 and its impacts on the city

This is an interview with the Mayor of the city of Frederick (Maryland), Michael O’Connor. We discuss the challenges of COVID-19 and its effects Frederick, MD Stay in touch, email me and subscribe to my social media outlets

Ear Piercing in the Time of Pandemic

My younger daughter got her ear pierced at the local mall, check out the YouTube video detailing that event. Stay in touch, email me and subscribe to my social media outlets

Maryland tightens grip on regs as COVID-19 surges

The following stats caused Gov. Hogan to tighten the regulations governing capacity in business and public venues to curb the case count: The largest number of Maryland cases were reported on 11.17.20 at around 2,149 cases.* The number of days where there were more than a 1,000 cases was 13. * The state remained atContinue reading “Maryland tightens grip on regs as COVID-19 surges”

Happy Hour at a Friend’s House

Small socially distanced happy hour between two good friends, to keep contact minimum with the general public. All photographs were taken with the Leica M240 and 50mm F2.0 Summicron Version III Stay in touch, email me and subscribe to my social media outlets

Frederick County’s Mask Mandate and other changes!

According to the segment by NBC Washington News there is now a mask mandate in Frederick County both indoors and outdoors where a six foot distance cannot be maintained. This matter on late Thursday night by the Frederick County Health Department. In addition to this we got a definition of what the capacity limits areContinue reading “Frederick County’s Mask Mandate and other changes!”

Flu vaccine

While you wait for your COVID-19 shot, get your flu shot! Flu is a killer too. I got mine at CVS and it was free when I produced my insurance card. People ask me when a COVID vaccine’s going to be ready, I always reply with do you take the flu shot every year? BecauseContinue reading “Flu vaccine”