Baltimore Comic Con 2019: Saturday Highlights

Baltimore Comic Con 2019 was epic! Not only did the costumed attendees outdo themselves in terms of creativity, the diversity of characters represented from all comic book/superhero universes were equally stunning! The day started with my buddy Sunil and I hitting the exhibition floor checking our the cool toys, art and of course the omnipresent key comic issues and lots and lots of comics overall. We hit the floor for about an hour before I decided to get a signature from one of my favorite illustrators of all time, Neal Adams! If you don’t know who that is look up his art work, he’s worked on every major superhero illustration from Batman all the way down to the X-Men! He’s also famous for getting the proper financial compensation for the creators of Superman, Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster who were unfairly treated early in their career. Neal’s signatures we’re going for three for 80 dollars on beautiful oversized prints of his art work/comic book covers.

By this time it was time to head to the lecture given by the infamous Jim Lee. He had a setup where he was going to do some illustrations for us during the course of his lecture to us. The camera setup in the lecture hall switched between him and the progress of the illustartions he was drawing for us. In the time he gave his lecture over the course of an hour, he drew a Batman and Joker. He lamented over how his Korean immigrant doctor parents were less than thrilled when he decided to go into becoming a comic book artist, but following his success they became more supportive of him going as far as showing up to his Comic-Con signature appearances often being the first in line. He also joked how every time he visits and they have a large number of books for him to sign for their friends. He also talked about the importance of staying passionate and finding new and innovative ways to motivate yourself to keep going and producing new and exciting work. I couldn’t get over how humble he was for someone who is worth as much as he is. But you get the sense from talking to him that he understands that life is about passion, fame is secondary.

We hit the floor yet again for another hour or two before finally finishing the day off with attending the costume competition. The prerequisite to be in the competition is that all superhero costumes must be self-made and not store bought. My favorite costume was a couple the dressed up as Professor X in a wheel chair connected via his head gear to Cerebro in front of him with Jean grey in tow.

@Alexchingart – Alex Ching’s artwork on the Exhibition Floor, he sold me some cool superhero pins
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